November 24

The Most Awesome Granny In The World

So S’s Granny turned 105 years young on this day. Yes you’ve read that right. 105 years! Eye sight is fading, you have to raise your voice a lot when you speak to her so that she can hear you properly, but other than that she’s in great health. Despite breaking her hip in her late 90s, as well as her right arm and despite surviving a heart attack. She’s a phenomenon for sure!

But she’s not the eldest citizen in town. Two other women – aged 107 and 108 – are even older. Both live in a nursing home though, while our Granny still lives in her apartment (in the same house like her son who of course checks on her very regularly).

Hope she can celebrate many many returns!

Oh, and look at that beautiful wreath. S made it! Awesome, right? I said I want one, too!

Look at that furniture… these cussions… that doll. My Grandparents had such kind of cussions on their couch, too. And I played with such a doll. Everything here screams vintage!

Granny wanted a proper goose dinner for her birthday. And so Granny GOT a goose dinner. Not home-cooked – none of us would be even halfway able to cook a goose the way it has to be cooked – but we ordered it from a nearby restaurant. Done that several times before. The price is decent and the food tastes DELICIOUS!!! Wouldn’t be able to taste better if home-cooked, I’m very sure.

We don’t order a complete bird anymore though, because it’s just simply TOO MUCH. 6 thights for 4 people is definitely enough. It comes with red cabbage (my fave!!) and brussels sprouts (S’s fave), with two different kind of dumplings, gravy and two baked apples filled with marzipan for dessert.

Look at this: a letter with congratulations from The President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr Joachim Gauck. And that signature is not printed. It’s clearly handwritten. Very cool.


2 thoughts on “ November 24

  1. Heidisblog2016 Post author

    Yeah, but those problems, while they don’t seem major because she’s physically doing ok and she’s mentally fit, are still becoming a problem because having a normal conversation with her is becoming more and more difficult… almost impossible, because you have to YELL SO LOUDLY… no one can speak for a longer stretch of time, constantly yelling like crazy. And even the yelling she often doesn’t understand completely anymore.

    And her eyesight is really really bad by now. The problem is: the woman has refused to wear glasses or a hearing aid all of her life. She just refuses. And now, the things she’s able to do on her own, get lesser and lesser because she doesn’t see them anymore. And talking to her is becoming really tiresome with all the yelling. Even though she’s wearing headphones and has the volume cranked up, she has difficulties understanding the sound from the TV and she only sees fragments of what’s going on on the screen anymore. So… yeah, she may be healthy and all, but it’s still getting more and more difficult with her.

    The President of the Federal Republic of Germany is the head of state! Angela Merkel is the leading political figure and chief executive, while the role of the President is more ceremonial. But still, he’s the head of state. It’s him who writes these kind of letters, not the political leader.



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