November 26

Goodies from the Family

Today a nice box arrived with some yummy goodies and a cute present from Auntie A and Uncle H.

Traditionally we send each other cards or sweets/small presents for the start of Advent.

The box contained an Advent Calendar card, a cute tin box with  Aachener Printen (gingerbread) of course, and a lovely white porcelain candle holder.

For some reason I forgot to take pics of the unpacked goods…


One thought on “November 26

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Ooo I need that ribbon for the box I have wrapped for Mom! I was going to run out and try to find some silver ribbon today, but I can’t. I just. Can’t. I’ll turn the house upside down and hopefully find something to decorate the box with. Maybe R used enough of it on one of her presents for us that I can “borrow” some of it for my gift to Mom! I’ll check after mom goes to bed tonight.

    That’s cool that you guys exchange little gifts and cards.



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