December 1

Yay Advent Calendar Time!

But first… this is the beginning of the last month of a really fucked up year and the beginning of the last month of this blog. I will end it right here and in exactly this form on December 31st with a ‘Mission Accomplished’. However… I will not disappear off of the face of earth. In what way I will continue, I’ll let you know when it is time 🙂

For now, let’s celebrate December 1st and Advent Calendars. I love them in all the many forms they come to us: filled with sweets, filled with lottery scratching tickets, or filled by my BFF.

But lets start first with the scratching tickets. Yes, it’s a bit of a silly thing but it has also become a bit of a tradition. While you get scratching tickets year round, you only get these 50 cent each ticket ones around x-mas time. You can buy nice cardboard holders for them… mine looks like this:


You scratch open a ticket each day to see whether you’ve won. A winner ticket shows the same amount 3 times. If you see it 3 times, you’ve won that certain amount. Prizes are between 50 cent and 20,000 Euro. I hardly ever win more than maybe 2 Euro per ticket… 5 if I’m really lucky… but this is not about getting rich. This is just pure silly fun.

Today’s ticket was a loser though 😦img_7872

But the most fun are the calendars that S and I make for each other for many years now. Packaged they look like this (that’s mine for her, hers for me looks very similar) and the bags are filled with little fun things. Nothing really expensive. Little useful things, cosmetic utensils, x-mas deco, vouchers… sweets… tea… you name it. Basically we can be as creative with it as we want. img_7875

This year, S has come up with little “tasks” I have to finish and send in a photo or video of proof before I’m “allowed” to open my bag. On the first day I had to find the 6 differences of the two seemingly but not really identical cute cartoons on the right side. As soon as I had found all six, I was allowed to open my first little bag. img_7876

Also… do you remember the beautiful Advent wreath she had made for Granny’s 105th birthday? And that I had said “I want one, too!!” Well… I got one 🙂 She’s amazing like that!!!

And would you have told, that the fir is fake? See? If the fake ones look almost 100% like real ones, I’m fine with fake ones. But only then…img_7878


2 thoughts on “December 1

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    I must say I’m not a fan of lottery tickets. I got them one year and was VERY disappointed. Luckily, it was during one of those holiday games where you can keep your gift or steal someone else’s gift and thank god someone “stole” them from me. I was so happy after that! LOL If I had a good chance to when $100 more more, then I would be happy to get them as a gift.

    So this time your advent calendar is all different kinds of stockings and bags and boxes!!!! That seems like a MUCH better way to do it than the kind with the little stockings or bags that you have to make sure your damn gifts fit in!!!! Genious!!!!! Nice to not be size-limited!!!!!

    Yah I’m not into those centerpiece things AT ALL, but I’m glad she made one for you and yes it looks very nice and real. Great job! Last year at the holiday party I had the winning number to win the centerpiece off our table. Ugh. Luckily I knew that Carolyn wanted it really, really bad so I promptly handed it over to her without a second thought. She was so happy! LOL

    That little game looks fun!!!!


    1. Heidisblog2016 Post author

      We have these different kind of bags and boxes and things for many many years now because it is so much easier. The one with the same sized little bags was used maybe 2 or 3 times max, and then we decided it’s time for a new concept.



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