December 2

The Bus Ride

TGIF! And it’s not only Friday but also the weekend of our trip to Bremen. Visiting the Christmas Market, doing some shopping… the thing you usually do on weekends during The Season.

We’re regulars when it comes to Bremen. Been there numerous times… preferrably during Christmas time but it’s really beautiful there any other time of the year, too. If you haven’t paid the city a visit, I highly recommend it.

For the first time though – not only going to Bremen but ever – we decided to take the bus. Travelling by bus has become more and more popular… mostly because it’s a really cheap alternative to train and plane. On the downside, buses take relatively long (they have to take the Autobahn… ahem…) the space inside is limited, you can’t reserve seats and you are not allowed to leave your seat during the ride.

Essen (where the nearest long-distance bus station is) to Bremen is a 4 hour ride, which is a bit more than taking the car, but still it sounded bearable. The price was decent, not really more than if we had to take costs for gas and parking garage in Bremen into consideration.

The bus was supposed to leave the bus station in Essen at 16:20h. I took this photo while waiting. It shows one of the “skyscrapers” in downtown Essen.


In the end the bus arrived about 15 minutes later. You can’t reserve seats so you have to take what’s left. We had hoped to find seats more in the front (because S had the fear of nausea when sitting in the back of a bus). Of course there were no two free seats anymore anywhere in the front or middle so we had to take the only two left almost completely in the back. I advised S to sit at the aisle so that she could try to look straight ahead and outside the front window during the ride. That can help with the nausea if bad comes to worse.

Turned out then, that she was fine. No nausea or other problems. However… I thought it was cold inside and cuddled up in my coat. Also, my knees are a bit fucked, which means that I will most definitely develop serious pain if I can’t stretch out my legs after a while. Which is impossible on a bus. It’s already difficult on a plane, but here there’s even less leg room. And so, after a while, my knees began to hurt reeeaaally bad. Later on S offered me to lay my legs over her knees to get some relief.

And then we had to take a break and stopped at a service station. 45 minutes to eat something. Which was very welcome because we both hadn’t eaten something before we had started in Essen.

We both chose a good ol’ Schnitzel with fried potatoes. #fuckdiet. I was sooooo hungry and the Schnitzel was extremely yummy!


In the end we arrived in Bremen with 1 hour delay. From the bus station we had to walk to the hotel which was located right at the main station. It wasn’t really far, thank God. But we were quite exhausted when we finally walked into our (VERY nice and space-y) room.

So after that first bus ride I was like “thanks, but no thanks. No leg room, no chance to stand up and walk a bit up and down, even less room altogether than flying coach, delays due to traffic jams… I prefer the car!”

But there was still the ride home on Sunday, so let’s wait and see.


2 thoughts on “December 2

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    OMG those potatoes!!!!

    So how much did the bus trip cost?

    The MegaBus from Los Angeles to San Francisco ranges in price from $30 to $46, depending on the time of day. When they first introduced that bus a few years ago the price was $10 I think Lori took it and then stayed at some hostels. She’s cool like that. Miss her!


  2. Heidisblog2016 Post author

    The bus trip was 33 Euro per person roundtrip. That’s about the same amount in $. That’s 66 Euro for the two of us. Cheaper than a tank full of gas plus costs for parking garage in Bremen for two days.



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