December 3

Christmas Market in Bremen

Nothing much too add to these photos who were all taken on and around the Christmas Market. 52995021-c6f5-46e2-9b4a-f8bb4ea6f8c5

Those next two were taken at restaurant “John Benton”, our fave when we are in Bremen. You HAVE to reserve a table though. During times like these it’s impossible to get a free table on the weekends.2016-12-03-18-01-58-1

Lamb! Rösties and garlic bread. It was to die for!2016-12-03-18-09-56-22016-12-03-20-06-45-12016-12-03-20-09-06-12016-12-03-20-11-14-22016-12-03-20-14-16

Selling Christmas pickles and giving the information that Americans think (or have thought in the past) that “hiding” a pickle in the Christmas tree is a very German tradition… which in fact it is not! LOL. There was also an explanation why Americans think this is a German tradition but I don’t remember it.2016-12-03-20-27-19-12016-12-03-20-43-06-12016-12-03-20-44-04-22016-12-03-20-46-14-12016-12-03-20-49-55-12016-12-03-21-02-24-12016-12-03-21-04-042016-12-03-21-13-45-2

Sögerstraße is one of the many shopping streets in Bremen. Well known also because of The Pigs. (Don’t ask me what this monument means though)2016-12-03-21-50-55-2

Main station. Go all through the building and at the very end you’ll find our hotel, the Courtyard by Marriott. Highly recommendable!2016-12-03-22-01-48-12016-12-03-22-02-05-12016-12-03-22-03-45-2


One thought on “December 3

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Dear God that food looks delicious. Rostis look like flattened tater tots so I’m sure I would loooooove them. Love me a tater tot.

    Söge Street (söge means sow or pig, but in most of Germany, the word “schwein” is used for pig). In the middle ages pig stalls belonging to the working class were located along Söge Street. It’s said that the pigs ran up and down along the street eating everything in sight and thereby keeping the street free of trash. Quite the difference from it’s present state of a popular shopping street. Personally I would have preferred the pigs racing through the street to a shopping street, but perhaps that’s just me. You will have no trouble finding it as the entrance of Söge Street is marked with a statue of a Swineherder and several pigs.



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