December 4

Freeeeeezing Cold

Finally some decent winter weather! I love when it is freezing cold and everything in nature looks like powder sugar was poured on it. It was also rather foggy and all that made for a beautiful winter athmosphere.

In case you don’t know it already… I love winter!


If you are ever in Bremen, do NOT miss to visit the Old Town quarter of the “Schnoor”. It’s beautiful. It’s historic. It’s charming. It’s not to be missed!!!


A nice hot cuppa is always welcome!2016-12-04-14-23-182016-12-04-15-24-572016-12-04-15-35-30

The street cars go through a very busy part of town where especially during times of Christmas market or other festivities there are tons of pedestrians wandering around. Street cars don’t make a lot of noise and you can easily miss one approaching. And so there are people who walk in front of the cars when go though that very crowded part of the street and ring a bell. In fact it’s two people. One a bit further ahead to alarm people that a train is coming, and the 2nd one right in front of the train (that drives of course very slowly). It’s that guy with the yellow jacket. Thought I’d catch also the bell in his hand but… 2016-12-04-15-39-05

And now we’re back on the bus. As you can see, there’s not much space. And this time we couldn’t even find two seats together but we both sat in an aisle seat… at least in the same row. And thank God there were no annoying people on the bus. I sat next to a girl who kept to her phone or was dozing all of the time.

It was a much more pleasant ride back. Thanks to sitting on the aisle I could stretch out the legs a bit, it wasn’t as cold as on Friday, there were no delays and only a 15 minute break.2016-12-04-19-13-47

The verdict: yes I would take the bus again, but ONLY if the ride is not too long. Not really sure if I would want to sit like that for 6-8 hours on the way to Berlin for instance.


5 thoughts on “December 4

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    Yah, I love winter, too. Or I imagine that I would if I would finally ever get to fucking experience it! Of course back home in L.A. it’s been pouring gallons of rain for days upon days. Here we had 5 minutes of rain and right now it’s 53 fucking degrees. NOT HAPPY!!!!! WTF Arkansas????

    Gimmee the yummy drink in the cuuuuuuuuuuuute Bremen Town Musicians mug!!!!

    Yah, whenever I took the Greyhound bus to Indio to visit Randi and Lindy Loo it was only a 4-ish hour ride, and of course I was a kid so no leg problems to deal with. Just a fun adventure, listening to REO and Survivor on the Sony Walkman. LOL GAWD I miss those fun, carefree days. #GoodTimes


    1. Heidisblog2016 Post author

      Thanks so much for your comment! And of course for complimenting the photos 🙂 I agree, it looked very special in the park on that very cold day.

      Been to Bremen so often by now but it’s always a pleasure to come back because it’s such a beautiful city. And I know what you mean with “exploring the area around me”. Oftentimes we’re getting so used to the beauty of the place we live in, that we tend to not really “see” it anymore.

      Thanks again 🙂



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