December 10

It’s Lee Day

Sort of. Actually it is S’s 40th birthday today and she has invited a large group of friends plus her (and our) favorite singer/songwriter/entertainer,  the ever wonderful Lee MacDougall, to play at the part-tay! 🙂

S and I will pick up The Artist at Düsseldorf airport at 15h and drive with him to S’s place, which will take a bit more than 1 hour.

That means: my filthy car HAS to go into the car wash. Which happened at close to 7:30h this morning.

Although we’ve seen him… met him… talked to him… uncountable times by now, it’s always always always very exciting when it happens again. Everything went smooth at the airport and so did the ride to the place to be tonight.

About 50 guests were there, S, along with her partner and friends had prepared a yummy buffet, everyone was in a great mood and it could only be topped by Lee’s performance which started at around 20:40h. He played a great mix of his own songs, some cover songs that everyone knew well and sang along, as well as a couple Christmas songs.

Lee was DELIGHTED about S & M’s present for him… a personalzied box of Kinder Schokolade. Very cool. I had thought this was only possible with Nutella. Learing something new every day.

S got a t-shirt with the names of each and every party guest on it. Cute idea!


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