December 13

Chicken Soup Of Sorts

And so I woke up this morning feeling SICK. Also I suspected fever and I was right. So far “only” slightly above 38°C (100.4F). Which is not really high, but it’s still considered fever at that point and if there’s one thing for sure in my life, it’s that I don’t go to work with higher temperature. I don’t have the slightest tolerance for people who do, actually.

Especially with my heart attack history, this condition is not to be f-cked with. And so I first called the doc’s office and got me an appointment, and then called my company and told them I’m out for the next days presumably.

Appointment was at 11.30h and of course my doc diagnosed a virus infection. I got a cough meds prescribtion and the STRICT order to stay in bed and also the STRICT order to come back on Monday if that infection wasn’t gone 100%. He reminded me that I have to be careful and ordered me to rest. Sir, yes sir! As if I’d be reckless. I’m way too scared to be reckless with my health!

S came later and brought me some groceries and also canned chicken soup. Which was meant very very well, but we both had to agree that it was merely a noodle soup and the couple pieces of chicken meat were really hard to find LOL. Didn’t matter. The thought counts.

For the rest of the day I stayed on the couch, went to bed early, and unfortunately saw my fever rise.


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