December 14

No Pic! 

Sorry folks, this is the very first day this year on this blog without a pic.

And I think I have a good reason for it. I felt so sick on this day, that I found it impossible to even come up with the thought of taking a pic of whatever.

My fever rose to 40 effing degrees today (that’s 104F) and everyone who’s ever had such a high temperature knows what that means.

I had to call S later in the evening to fix some cold calf wraps for me (and I’ve learned later that at least the Americans… or my one American friend… has never heard about treatment of high fever with cold calf wraps. Huh????) which eventually helped to get the temperature down for a little bit. But I would have been way too weak to get up and fix them myself. No way!

I would almost say that I felt worse on that day than on the day with the heart attack. With that, there was never such a feeling of immense physical illness and weakness as it was today.


It was the third time with some kind of infection this year and I’m so SICK AND TIRED of it. Of what’s going on this year with all my health issues.

If there’s one wish for next year, it is that I’m staying healthy and that all the people I love and care about stay healthy. Nothing worse in life than being ill.

Stay healthy, y’all!


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