December 21

Coolest Christmas Card Ever

Got this one from U.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for that one!!! ❤  Really made my day.

For everyone else: the image on this very cool Christmas card is a drawing by Bobby Long. Who’s not only a wonderful singer/songwriter and also writer of poems (check out his books Losing My Misery from 2016 and Losing My Brotherhood from 2012 on but also a very talented drawer.

You can buy those from the store of his website, by the way. Click here for the cards and lots of other goodies!

It is definitely the coolest card in my collection (which was still rather small at the day when the photo was taken but grew large over the last few days before Christmas LOL).


3 thoughts on “December 21

  1. Uta

    You once mentioned how much you like this drawing and it’s one of the cards I received from the artist himself back in 2015 for coming to his Boston show “all the way from Germany for some fucking Christmas cards” 😉



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