December 22

Hottest Currywurst Ever

First day of me being back in a halfway regular mode. I’m not yet 100% alright again but it’s safe to say that the situation has improved so much that I can go back to work and back out, enjoying what’s left of The Season.

So after work S and I went to the Christmas Market in Bochum. It was my first time there and I gotta say I loved it! (Sorry, no photos though, except for this one.)

S had been here before and had seen the food stand with the hot Currywurst and had put me a voucher for one of those into my Advent Calendar. And so here we were.

Verdict: that was one HOT Currywurst! Topped with jalapenos to make it even hotter, but the sausage and the sauce both were veeeeeery spicey already.

There’s that Chili-Currywurst stand in Essen, but that’s just a regular Bratwurst that is supposed to be seasoned with chili powder or whatever and it’s everything but hot. At least not for people who love to eat hot.

This one here… HOT!!! And YUMMY!!!


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