December 27

The End

No, not of the world, but of Christmas season. At least Christmas MARKET season. Went into town today for some shopping and saw all the stalls being taken down. It always goes by so so so fast…

The ride home…. (Don’t drive and take pics, kids!)

Later in the afternoon though, we’d meet up with three girls: S and another S, who’s her soon-to-be-ex-coworker. Let’s call the one SK and the other SP, shall we?

Anyway… SP is the one we had met during our summer vacation, when we went to Boltenhagen beach for one day. The one or other reader may or may not remember that.

She had said recently that she would really like to join us here and there at the movies, if we don’t mind (we don’t!) and SK had the idea to ask her to join us for the movie Sully we wanted to see today. Maybe having dinner before the movie? SP was in!

SK picked us all up around 16h-ish and we all went to Essen to eat at Farina. It’s located directly at the CinemaxX and we visit it frequently when we see a movie there. They serve everything from pizza to pasta to burgers to salads and whatever it was that we’ve tried so far, it was always excellent. And so SP ate a breadless burger (I loooove those! who needs the stupid bread when eating a burger LOL), SK and me had salads. The calories and and all… 😉

Everything was very very tasty, as usual. After the meal we went up to the movie theater to see Sully.

Most of you will remember that day when an aircraft ended up in the Hudson River in New York City. That was in January of 2009. Unbelievable that it is almost 8 years ago already. Pilot of the aircraft was Chesley Sullenberger, called Sully. He made the almost impossible possible: he landed an aircraft with 155 people aboard, that had dealt with two broken engines due to a flock of birds, safely on the river. Everyone survived, no major injuries. If anyone can be called a hero, then this man for sure.

I thought that the movie told this story very well and very compelling. However, I think that the way of how the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) handled the investigation afterwards, was very much dramatized. The only minor complaint I have is that they put the focus on that and how the NTSB plagued poor Sully in the aftermath a tad bit too much.

Otherwise: very good movie. And Tom Hanks – what can be said that hasn’t already been said about the man. It’s amazing how you forget that you’re watching an actor play a role. He completely disappears behind his characters. Once again this was a flawless performance. He didn’t play Sully, we WAS Sully. But also Aaron Eckhard as First Officer Jeffrey Skiles did a great job.

The scenes of the plane landing on the river were quite spectacular but never overdone. It looked very realistic… probably not exactly suited for those with a fear of flying…

For everyone else: highly recommended!


2 thoughts on “December 27

  1. The Intrepid Angeleno

    We call a “breadless burger” a “protein style” burger. I would’ve jumped at the chance to go with you as I’m so sick of my own cooking I could scream.

    Did you have a good enough time with SP that she will be invited to join in again some time?


  2. Heidisblog2016 Post author

    Protein style burger. Oh my gosh…. how posh! :-DDDDD
    Yes, we definitely had a good time with SP and she’ll join us again at some point! We all had seen the trailer for Will Smith’s new movie “Collateral Beauty” (which is getting ROTTEN reviews at the moment) and she was like “oh please can we all see this one together??? it looks sooo good!!” Fine, no problem 🙂



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