December 25

Merry Christmas

On the 1st Christmas Day we traditionally hang out at Granny’s because she can’t leave her apartment anymore. She’s also the only one in the house with a tree. And doesn’t it look fine?



December 24

Presents Presents Presents

Mine for S

The complete range

S’s for me

We were both happy with everything we got! 😀

December 23

A Lousy Day for Photos

Not exactly sure why I took this very lousy pic this morning. Probably out of pure boredom. It sucks when you leave the house early to be at work early because you want to end the last working day of the year early, and then end up in a narrow one-way-street with the garbage removal truck in front of you. No way to pass it, no way to drive backwards and take a detour, all you can do is sit and wait until the guys have emtied all garbage bins in that street. Wonderful.

And so to not leave you with that crappy pic, let me show you my Advent Calendar task for today: counting sheep! Hee hee!

December 22

Hottest Currywurst Ever

First day of me being back in a halfway regular mode. I’m not yet 100% alright again but it’s safe to say that the situation has improved so much that I can go back to work and back out, enjoying what’s left of The Season.

So after work S and I went to the Christmas Market in Bochum. It was my first time there and I gotta say I loved it! (Sorry, no photos though, except for this one.)

S had been here before and had seen the food stand with the hot Currywurst and had put me a voucher for one of those into my Advent Calendar. And so here we were.

Verdict: that was one HOT Currywurst! Topped with jalapenos to make it even hotter, but the sausage and the sauce both were veeeeeery spicey already.

There’s that Chili-Currywurst stand in Essen, but that’s just a regular Bratwurst that is supposed to be seasoned with chili powder or whatever and it’s everything but hot. At least not for people who love to eat hot.

This one here… HOT!!! And YUMMY!!!

December 21

Coolest Christmas Card Ever

Got this one from U.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for that one!!! ❤  Really made my day.

For everyone else: the image on this very cool Christmas card is a drawing by Bobby Long. Who’s not only a wonderful singer/songwriter and also writer of poems (check out his books Losing My Misery from 2016 and Losing My Brotherhood from 2012 on but also a very talented drawer.

You can buy those from the store of his website, by the way. Click here for the cards and lots of other goodies!

It is definitely the coolest card in my collection (which was still rather small at the day when the photo was taken but grew large over the last few days before Christmas LOL).

December 19

Advent Calendar Task

I had told you about these little tasks I have to work on before I am allowed to open my next Advent Calendar bag, right? While I haven’t posted pics of each task, I will have to post one now since it is the only pic I took today. And I didn’t even take it as a daily blog photo but for S to show that I had fulfilled today’s duty.

Thank God for that, or it would have been the 2nd day without a photo. :-/

Oh, by the way… I had to draw a sleigh for our little reindeer.

December 17

Stocking Up

When you’re sick and can’t leave the house, Amazon is your friend.

And so I ordered (via phone app while still lying on the couch) a ton of new tea lights for my billion of tea light holders that I have to fill up each and every evening for the rest of the Christmas season :-).