February 18


Doesn’t it look f-ing YUMMY? Tasted f-ing yummy, I can tell you. And no, I didn’t eat this at home but at a café in town.

Yes, I left the house again. I wanted to find out if I was short at breath once again if i did. Before though, I had started cleaning a bit. Not too much… some dusting… vacuuming… changing sheets… just to see if those activities were ok. They were.

Asked S if she cared to come over and then take a stroll with me into town. She did and so we slowly walked up Velbert’s shopping street and later had coffee and pastry (me) and tea (S) at a café.

Slowly went back and I was glad when we were back home, but at least I wasn’t as out of breath as yesterday and also didn’t need the spray. Which brings me to the conclusion that it was just weakness from being sick for so long and that I only needed some “training” to get back in shape again.

Plan for tommorrow and Saturday is: MOVIES! YAY! Oh how I’ve missed going to the movies. For the first time in 7 years we’re without our CxX Gold Card though. We’ll not get a new one before March at the earliest though. But that won’t keep us from going to a movie theatre again 🙂


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