April 2

Fly Emirates

No, I’m not the new spokesperson for Emirates airlines. I took this picture while we were strolling along Baldeneysee in Essen on Saturday. I had my Canon Powershot with me and zoomed in as much as I could. I was sure the plane would either be out of the frame before I could press the button, or that the photo would come out blurry or whatever. Instead I got a REALLY cood and clear picture of a plane that looks like it was flying right over our heads while in fact it was still very much high up in the air.

That little camera might not be perfect, but the zoom is really EXTRAORDINAIRY!!!

Also on that day we saw two movies.

10 Cloverfield Lane
First thought it was a horror movie, but it was described as thriller/sci-fi. The sci-fi part only came in the last about 15 minutes or so. Up until then it was a psychological thriller. Very well made… very supspenseful! Starring John Goodman. Love him.
That movie should be seen without really knowing what it is about. The effect it has is certainly better then…

Eddie The Eagle
Who doesn’t know, or has at least heard of this guy. At least if you were around in the 80s. I was VEERRRYYY much into ski jumpig back in the day (although I didn’t really care about Eddie, I must say).

At first I wasn’t psyched to learn that they’ve made a movie about him and wasn’t sure if I really wanted to see it. But then I heard so many good reviews…. And rightly so! It was so good for a change, to not see people punching each others faces and destroying cities and continents and universes. This was pretty much a movie for everyone and a movie where you simply forgot the bad world outside and laughed and cried and everything in between. Pure feelgood-movie.

No, it wasn’t 100% true to Eddie’s REAL story in all aspects, but that wasn’t a problem at all. The changes that were made (mostly when it comes to his coach, played by Hugh Jackman) were perfect to bring the story across in a way that you felt perfectly entertained. Also, really good job by Taron Egerton who played Eddie.

And for all the Germans: even Iris Berben had a supporting role. Iris and Hugh Jackman in one movie! Not bad! šŸ˜€



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